Ghostbusters Rough

Keeping up with doing pieces for the convention at the end of the summer, I've decided to do some other stuff besides super heroes. I've been a huge fan of the Ghostbusters since I can remember, I honestly had almost every toy that they put out (very much regretting getting rid of it over the years when I was younger). Anyways, I've decided to do a Ghostbusters poster.

On another note, I just figure I might as well put my two cents in on this whole Rob Granito business. If you havn't heard about it, seriously where the hell have you been the past two days? Having a life? Pssshhh. Yeah, just google it, it'll explain it better than I. Anyways, my thoughts on this whole business is the guys a loser. At first, my blood boiled when I first heard the news of this fraud. I come from a hardworking, blue collar family, I've been taught all my life that in order to get anywhere you have to put in your work. When I see people coasting along or cheating their way to success, it really "grinds my gears". But, after a day of peering into this frauds life, seeing how he's handling his whole ousting from the art industry, it's become very very funny. I feel as though because of this whole experience and how most professionals are dealing with this guy, I've matured as an artist. I realize, most of the pros (granted are angered at this) are laughing at him. I didn't understand at first, but this morning I see it. They know this guys not going to last very long, he's getting his 15 minutes of fame and will be forgotten about in the next few months. They've seen these people before come and go, their will always be someone trying to rip someone else off, this guy just seemed to have done it under the radar for awhile and got away with it, so congrats to that Rob. Enjoy the money you've made, and I hope you've put it in a savings account. Perhaps you can put it towards going to school for art, gaining your own style of drawing, than try to get back into the industry under a different name...maybe where a mask too.

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