More Expo talk

I'm kind of A.D.D when it comes to my work. I get lots of ideas flowing through my head all the time, which is great, really, no complaints. Just kind of sucks when it comes to getting things finished. Where am I going with this? Well the whole Scott Pilgrim covers series...I've been thinking about not using those now for the expo. Mostly because, well its just not right. And because I'm bored of them already haha...they were fun pencils, I'll post the finished pencils for them online soon. But, I'm thinking they wont be at the convention.

I am though, hoping that I can make a couple of copies of the first five pages of Dead Fix, which I titled "Zombies on a Plane". My cousin Carljo and I have been figuring out the story a bit each week, hopefully have the basis of the story done this summer so that I can really start working on the book. I do have the first 20 pages thumbnailed out, but like I was saying before, A.D.D tends to take over.

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