Toth Originals?

So I was visiting my grandma and dad today, and before I left my grandmother gave me two illustrations to go home with that she didn't want anymore. I remembered these both from my childhood and always loved them both. So, naturally I take them home and start really looking at them. I notice that the signature on both of them is by the same artist and from what I can see it reads either "Totti" which I dont really think it does. Or it reads "Toth", which I only know of one Toth illustrator and thats the late, great Alex Toth. I immediately begin to search the internet for anything about these, couldn't find anything. Than I started looking into Toth, nothing but comic pieces and pages. I looked up his signature and it's not the same. But for some reason I still can't help but think that this could still be Alex Toth, if for instance he had a different signature for pieces like these. If anyone sees this and has any information please let me know I would love to find out who's these are. The date on the first piece is '73 and the second is '79

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