I have so many pictures of George Clooney right now as a reference to my main character in HollyWorld. He's so dreamy...I think I'm falling in love.

First Fearless Freelance

Hmm, well looks like I've landed my first freelance comic illustration job. Say that three times twice. Anyways, yeah, it's a ten page ashcan thing being written by non other than 102.1 The Edge's Fearless Fred Kennedy (listen from 2 to 7 week days). Hope I can bang it out and this thing potentially go places.

Zombies On A Plane Half Ups

Now this is the half-up pencils of my short story, Zombies On A Plane, I've been working on these for a couple weeks now. I like to put time into my half ups, so it saves me time when doing the details in the end with the finished pencils.

Dead Fix (2009)

This is three pages out of a story my cousin and I were working on last summer (2009). We still are, but at the moment we've put it on hold, due to me finishing school. Now, I guess I should've apologized right off the bat for the crappy dialogue. Like I said, it was last year, anyways, this is  I guess the first try at it.


Inking. Stuff done by european artists...I forget there names.

Web Comic preview.

Kind of a layout/story telling exercise I do that will be an online comic in the future. The story is about my cousin Carljo and I, we have epic DBZ type battles...for no reason mostly.

The Sadist

After making those silhouettes, and wanting to come up with a story for the character, I created his antagonist. The Sadist.


Started doing this first silhouette at a friends house and liked the design, kind of a Constantine Hellblazer with a 100 Bullets cover style thing going. Thinking I might actually turn these into pieces of art somehow. Not exactly sure, was thinking about using him for a noir story.


Couple Zombie sketches and a little zombie stuck in a snow storm.

Zombie Hunters Pin Up

Zombie Hunters team pin up.

Zombie Hunters secondary

Character Designs for Zombie Hunters

Zombie Hunters preliminary

These are the preliminary sketches for a group of Zombie Hunters I created.

Zombies On A Plane Sketches

This is some cartooning stuff. Character designs and sketches for my story entitled "Zombies On A Plane" featured in Max the Mutts end of year 'Zine.

Animal Drawings

Like I had mentioned a couple blogs back, I will be putting a bunch of stuff up from my sketchbook from the past year. Here are some animal sketches.

Wraith sketches

This is a character I had come up with a few months back. His names Wraith, a teleporting detective. I wanted to go for a film noir kind of guy, set in the '40's with powers, though Im sure the colours would suggest different. After writing a couple scripts that wont see the light of day, I came up with a 4 page story that a friend of mine, Gerard De La Costa, is illustrating for a year end project at school. Wraith looks way cooler now.

PS the guy he's hitting I believe is called Black Eyes...don't know anything about him yet, just some thug.

On the second picture I was just working on a couple poses for wraith, than started drawing Iron Man for some reason?

The Residents

My cousin and I went and saw The Residents this past weekend in Toronto, ON. at the Opera House. Amazing show, right up front and center. For those who dont know who The Residents are, www.residents.com check it out and enjoy.