Dead Fix variant cover One

The first of three variant covers I plan on making for Dead Fix...yes I know this was at first titled Zombie Kill Of The Week, but now its a cover. Deal with it, I have. Anyways, I'm really pumped up about this piece, my best inking I've done so far I think.


So I got my ticket for the Saturday of the FanExpo this year. I'm over the whole not being at the table for the whole weekend now, but it still sucks. Hopefully I'll have the courage to show my portfolio around to some people, editors and artists...besides my former teachers.

I'm really excited to see John Romita Jr. and of course, Stan "the Man" Lee.  I want to get Lee's autograph but who knows how long of a wait thats going to be. Oh well, we'll see how it goes!

Rest In Peace Dorothy Margaret Barrett Twilhaar

Dorothy Margaret Barrett Twilhaar was the mother of an uncle of mine who is a very close friend of my family, basically he is my family. Dorothy past away just this past week and she will be missed deeply by everyone who knew her.