RA the Rugged Man

This mean mug is one of the sickest MC's to come out of New York and has been doing his thing for decades coming up and rapping alongside some of the greats. This past year he rolled through Hamilton for a show and I got the chance to do some live art at the show and did this portrait of the man.


Pikachu Dissection

Kind of a rough idea for something I might pursue a series of. This was a school project.


King Kong poster, this was to be for a conceptual film festival, I chose to do Movie Monsters and based in in New York, and what bigger monster that terrorized New York than the King himself, KONG!!!

Attack of the 50 ft Woman!!

ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN!!! The second instalment in my monster series, first one was Undead Beauty, my girlfriend models for these pieces, she's the best. This one comes from the classic 1958 movie. Not sure which will be next but stay tuned ghouls and gals!!

Jason Voorhees

Happy Halloween everyone, I'm going to post my slasher pieces up here for the next few days until the October 31st. First up is that bastard child we all love, here's my favourite incarnations of Jason Voorhees.

The Doctors

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is coming up next month, check out the piece I did to commemorate the shows many characters that have played The Doctor. - charcoal - 2013

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein's Monster - Boris Karloff - ink 2013

Robert Johnson - Crossroads

I havn't done any comic stuff in awhile. So, I figured I'd have some fun, no pencil, no planning, just went into her. This is the story of Robert Johnson, the blues player from way waaayyyyy back, he wrote the song Crossroads. It's been told he sold his soul to a demon at a crossroads in order to play the guitar so damn good. Look him up, great music.

Yours Truly Poster

Most recent commission work I did for a show coming up on the 19th of October featuring Hamilton Hip hop artists T.Y., Hachey The Mouth PEACE, Bosquiate Clique and Mat Heddle (Slur). For more commission work swing by the page on this site. http://anthonyhaley.blogspot.ca/p/commission-work.html

Ron Perlman

Looking at it now...there's a couple things I need to fix and forgot to detail up a bit but..baaahhh it's done enough for school, I'll fix those tomorrow.

Ron Perlman rough colours

Been stuck in my Sons Of Anarchy faze lately trying to catch up with the series, finally start season 5...shhhh... Here's a piece I've been working on so far of Ron Perlman as Clay from SoA. He's still all in grey, just been trying to meld the background together with some textures then get into the painting of the face.


Some school work done in my sketchbook. Based on the Myth of Sisyphus.

The Emsee Presents Empty Promises

One of the latest commissions I received was for The Emsee's album cover for his latest release "Empty Promises". If you havn't heard of this monster of an emcee/producer you should! He was one of the finalists for Canada's Got Talents and since then has been creating and working on this piece for the world to see. The give a listen online check out http://the-emsee.bandcamp.com/album/empty-promises And try to get your hands on a physical copy!!!

This was from the first single released off of Empty Promises, titled "Return (To The Music Biz).

I worked in my usual fashion for these two piece. I like to sketch out my work in pencil and once I've got my pencils fairly cleaned up I move into my ink. I work very traditional in the first stages then once I've finished the inks, I scan and begin to work and paint digitally in photoshop.