Wolverine For Con pencils

Here's the next piece I'm working on for the Convention in the summer. Everyone's favourite Canadian, getting his animal on howling at the moon. I like drawing Wolvi in more of the animalistic take, he's fucking nuts and a lot of people forget that about his character. For those younger fans of Wolverine, if you can find them, get ahold of the classic Astonishing X-Men and you'll see the real side of Wolverine. Not the slightly pussier version we have today.

Scott Pilgrim Covers 1-5

I've been busting these out the past few days, the 6th cover having a bit more detail to it, I'll spend more time on that one. These though, are Scott Pilgrim volume 1 to 5 covers. Just the pencils so far, going to ink them once I've finished 6 and than digitally colour them all. I'm enjoying this a lot, but I need to think of some other pieces for the con still.

Scott Pilgrim Test Cover

So spring/summer is approaching slowly, which means Con season in Ontario is coming up. I'm hoping to have a table for the big Toronto Fan Expo happening in August this summer. Which means I need to start coming up with some pieces to sell to get my name out there a bit more. One small series of Fan Art I plan on doing is the Scott Pilgrim series by Bryan Lee O'Malley. I'll be doing all 6 of the covers at 5x7 and in my own realistic style, using the movie characters as reference. This one here is Volume 1's Precious Little Life, just a quick test run I did this morning.

Portraits of the Living

This is a portrait of a friend of mine, Jessie. We're doing an art trade off, a portrait for a collage.

Portraits of the Dead

A portrait of my mother's friend from works late father...Space Ballsy enough for yeah?

I seem to be getting asked to do portraits of the deceased instead of the living... come on people, Im not that scary that you have to off yourself before I draw you.

Hanging Cock...WHAT?!

Another Tattoo design...I think life's trying to tell me something. Anyways, yeah another tat design, this ones for my buddy Brandon, he's getting this Rooster being hung below his knee. That way he can bet people when he goes to bars that he has a cock hanging below his knee.