Spider Inks

Here are the inks for my Spider Jerusalem piece, I didn't ink the explosion because I will be doing that with gouache on a separate piece. I also have to tweek the blacks on photoshop to solidify the inks. Funny think about this piece too is, if you flip it upside down it looks like Spider is blowing upwards instead of falling down.

Spider Drawing Done

Spider drawing done, now to inking, than colour.

A Canadian Sketchbook in London

Over the weekend I went over to a friends of mines in London, Ontario. We chilled at his apartment for the most part and on Saturday, I had a couple of sketches come to me. The first was the Deadman drawing, than Spider Man in the rain which I'm liking a lot and might turn into something a bit bigger with colour. The last was during the ending of Taxi Driver, watched it on BlueRay which looked amazing,  I suggest anyone who is a fan of the classic film to check it out.

Spider Jerusalem

I could probably do a billion different Spider Jerusalem's for the rest of my life. From my favourite series "Transmetropolitan" I give you a typical day in the life of Spider. I highly suggest this amazing story by the great Warren Ellis with some of the dynamic illustration I've ever seen in a comic by Darick Robertson.

Down, Forward, LP

Here's my Sub Zero colouring done. I got word a week ago that my friends and I... HAVE OUR TABLE FOR FAN EXPO!!! So, I will be soon, getting copies of most of these finished pieces I've done in the past few months.

Back, back, LP

Scorpion digitally painted on photoshop. GET OVER HERE! Also, I know that originally the move is back, back a, but for those who weren't around or old enough to have played the original Kombat (I'm in my twenties and making myself feel old) I settled for the up to date version of delivering the move. I give you "Back, back, LP"