Down, Forward X

Sub Zero, thinking back to a week ago or so, a friend of mine from work had asked me which Mortal Kombat characters where my favourit to use in the game. I have a couple, Baraka, Raydin, Scorpion and Reptail, because I can be a cheap ass player with those guys. But I always seem to forget to add Sub Zero to that mix, he was one of my original favourits (along side Scorpion) because they were the coolest looking in the original game. So now that I've nerded out about nothing you care about, here is Sub Zero the pencils. I'll be working on Baraka next I think...not sure yet though.

Goro painting

After enjoying doing my quick self portrait in this sort of style, I thought I'd try it some more with Goro from Mortal Kombat. I'm working on Scorpion as well, and should be starting the Sub Zero drawing tomorrow.


First of my Mortal Kombat sketches. I will be colouring these, though I'm not decided yet on painting with gauche or on photoshop.

100 POSTS!!!

To celebrate my 100th post on my art blog, I thought I'd do a quick self portrait of myself. A bit of an abstract approach to it. Happy 420 everyone and thanks for checking my stuff out!

Scorpion sketch

Worked on Scorpsions face more.

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!

In light of the new web series that has come out (Mortal Kombat: Legacy) I've decided to do some sketches of one of my all time favourite video games and stories; Mortal Kombat. Scorpion on the left doing his all time special move (back, back, HP) GET OVER HERE! And Sonya Blade on the right doing her Fatality move Kiss of Death.

Ghostbusters...finished as it ever will be.

Here it is finished now. Although I know I could work on this for probably another month or so, I think of Banksy and the quote of his I have on my computer desk; "I've learned from experience that a painting isn't finished when you put down your brush--that's when it starts." Lately my confidence has been a bit shaky, unsure of my quality and style. But I try to chock it up to experience and knowing what to change for the next piece in the future. Which I'm thinking is going to be a couple pin up pieces of some Female characters.

Ghostbusters Colour Half done

Here's the colours half way done, going to work on the last two now and then just go over everything to bring the colours all together.