R.E.A.L Kids Magazine

So, I've been waiting to put these up for about a month now. Just got the magazine in today, and it looks great from what I've been told. I havn't seen it yet. But yeah, so here's the pages I did for R.E.A.L Kids Magazine Canada.


Havn't posted in awhile, but now I gots me some free time. I've been playing Pokemon for Gameboy lately, Ruby version to be exact. And, as I was playing one night I kept getting attacked by wild Zubats...which I'm sure if you've played the game, you understand how annoying that can get. So, I sent out my Tropius and told him to use STOMP. Than I envisioned it in my head how it would actually squish the Zubat into pancake batter.

There you go, Tropius about the STOMP Zubat. Critical hit. It was super effective.