Self Portrait digital colour

I got my christmas present early this year. A WACOM Intuos Tablet! So, I decided I'd paint my self portrait on photoshop. This is all just one layer, I just wanted to have some fun and get used to the tablet.

Self Portrait Nov. 20/2010

Decided to do an up to date self portrait of myself.

Dead Fix poster 2 inks

Finished the second promo poster for Dead Fix. I inked it, and will be posting the colours once they have been done by sir Adam Metcalfe.

Dead Fix poster 2 pencils

Right off the bat, I can see that I need to fix the right hand of the zombie, seems a bit too big. But yeah, this is the second Dead Fix poster, I was going to make the different covers, but I think they can be better used for posters. Oh yeah, and by the way, this is the other character in Dead Fix no ones seen yet, my cousin Carljo Haley.