Room 12

I'm trying to come up with some environments and living spaces for my HollyWorld story. As well, I needed something different for my portfolio.

Welsh Dragon Tattoo Design

A tattoo design I did for my manager at work of the Welsh Dragon.

Dead Fix Poster 2 Colours

I'm working on my portfolio right now and here's my finished version of my cousin Carljo's poster. But I'm going to have some peoples look it over before I'm 100% finished.

Mind's Eye - Maya Backstory

Okay, so I lied even to myself. Saying I would only work on my cousin and I's zombie story Dead Fix but instead taking on a four page project for an online tv series entitled "Mind's Eye". It's a children's show but can be enjoyed by all ages, to check out episodes and more info go to

The story here is the first four pages to one of the villains backstories. Her name is Maya...other than that, really thats all I know hah. But I did enjoy doing it.