Finished Inks

Finished inks for Ghostbusters poster, a couple mistakes here and there but ill be fixing those up in photoshop than going to paint it in photoshop.

Ghostbusters Ink part1

Continuing on, here is the inking stage almost finished, just a couple things here and there to fill in and then I'll be moving along to painting this sucker.

Ghostbusters Pencils

I'm going to post the progress of this piece as it goes along. I'm going to start inking soon. Just need to sus out the background.

Ghostbusters Rough

Keeping up with doing pieces for the convention at the end of the summer, I've decided to do some other stuff besides super heroes. I've been a huge fan of the Ghostbusters since I can remember, I honestly had almost every toy that they put out (very much regretting getting rid of it over the years when I was younger). Anyways, I've decided to do a Ghostbusters poster.

On another note, I just figure I might as well put my two cents in on this whole Rob Granito business. If you havn't heard about it, seriously where the hell have you been the past two days? Having a life? Pssshhh. Yeah, just google it, it'll explain it better than I. Anyways, my thoughts on this whole business is the guys a loser. At first, my blood boiled when I first heard the news of this fraud. I come from a hardworking, blue collar family, I've been taught all my life that in order to get anywhere you have to put in your work. When I see people coasting along or cheating their way to success, it really "grinds my gears". But, after a day of peering into this frauds life, seeing how he's handling his whole ousting from the art industry, it's become very very funny. I feel as though because of this whole experience and how most professionals are dealing with this guy, I've matured as an artist. I realize, most of the pros (granted are angered at this) are laughing at him. I didn't understand at first, but this morning I see it. They know this guys not going to last very long, he's getting his 15 minutes of fame and will be forgotten about in the next few months. They've seen these people before come and go, their will always be someone trying to rip someone else off, this guy just seemed to have done it under the radar for awhile and got away with it, so congrats to that Rob. Enjoy the money you've made, and I hope you've put it in a savings account. Perhaps you can put it towards going to school for art, gaining your own style of drawing, than try to get back into the industry under a different name...maybe where a mask too.

Wraith Tat Design Finished

Inked this today, its a tattoo design for my friend. It's my character called Wraith done in the costume Gerard de la Costa came up with.

The Herald and his Master

There we go, finished..I think.. this is kind of off topic but I have a point. I recently read an interview some magazine had with the mysterious street artist Banksy. In it he was asked how he knows when he's finished a piece, to which he responded " I've learned from experience that a painting isn't finished when you put down your brush - that's when it starts." I enjoy inspiring or just logical quotes, and constantly write them down on my art tables or where ever I can as soon as I hear them. So, yeah, as much as I can keep working on this Silver Surfer and Galactus piece, I've put my brush down and am moving on to the next thing. I'm going to show this around at the convention today and I'm pretty sure I already know what kind of critiques I'll be getting. Good or bad doesn't matter, it all helps.

Silver Surfer & Galactus

Still not finished this completely but I just felt like putting up. I'm having a lot of fun with this one. I'm going to be adding still some Power Cosmic coming from the Surfers right hand. As well as a trail coming off the board. Other than that, I'll be adding reflection colour off him, should be done tomorrow just in time for the Con.

Toth Originals?

So I was visiting my grandma and dad today, and before I left my grandmother gave me two illustrations to go home with that she didn't want anymore. I remembered these both from my childhood and always loved them both. So, naturally I take them home and start really looking at them. I notice that the signature on both of them is by the same artist and from what I can see it reads either "Totti" which I dont really think it does. Or it reads "Toth", which I only know of one Toth illustrator and thats the late, great Alex Toth. I immediately begin to search the internet for anything about these, couldn't find anything. Than I started looking into Toth, nothing but comic pieces and pages. I looked up his signature and it's not the same. But for some reason I still can't help but think that this could still be Alex Toth, if for instance he had a different signature for pieces like these. If anyone sees this and has any information please let me know I would love to find out who's these are. The date on the first piece is '73 and the second is '79

Galactus hungers for more!!

This is the first half of a painting I'm doing of the Silver Surfer, herald of the Devourer of Planets Galactus. He's just finished leading the big G to another planet which is now destroyed. This was done in gouache as well. I did this in about 4...5 hoursish?

More Expo talk

I'm kind of A.D.D when it comes to my work. I get lots of ideas flowing through my head all the time, which is great, really, no complaints. Just kind of sucks when it comes to getting things finished. Where am I going with this? Well the whole Scott Pilgrim covers series...I've been thinking about not using those now for the expo. Mostly because, well its just not right. And because I'm bored of them already haha...they were fun pencils, I'll post the finished pencils for them online soon. But, I'm thinking they wont be at the convention.

I am though, hoping that I can make a couple of copies of the first five pages of Dead Fix, which I titled "Zombies on a Plane". My cousin Carljo and I have been figuring out the story a bit each week, hopefully have the basis of the story done this summer so that I can really start working on the book. I do have the first 20 pages thumbnailed out, but like I was saying before, A.D.D tends to take over.

Expo Season

I've started to get emails from FanExpo Canada a lot lately, which means Expo Season has begun. A couple buddies and I are hoping to get a table of 4 for the Fan Expo at the end of the summer. I'm hoping it goes through, and I dont end up losing a spot again. Though I'm really glad I didn't wasn't at a table last year, I wasn't ready at all. Over the course of this year, I've become really confident in my abilities as an illustrator. I feel as though the pace at which I work has at least doubled, I'm a lot more faster than last year. Though I do need to work on more comic page pieces. A lot of the work I've been doing is pin ups, portraits or poster pieces. I havn't been drawing for Dead Fix yet because my cousin and I need to finish writing it. Lately I've been thinking about short stories to work on, little 5 page pieces. If I didn't have to work I'd have a hell of a lot more time on my hands to draw. ...Anyways, I think I'm done with my little bloggin' session here. Time to get ready for a night shift at work...

Wolverine Inked

Canada's number 1 hero (though don't tell Deadpool, he's already jealous enough as it is).