Jason Voorhees

Happy Halloween everyone, I'm going to post my slasher pieces up here for the next few days until the October 31st. First up is that bastard child we all love, here's my favourite incarnations of Jason Voorhees.

The Doctors

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is coming up next month, check out the piece I did to commemorate the shows many characters that have played The Doctor. - charcoal - 2013

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein's Monster - Boris Karloff - ink 2013

Robert Johnson - Crossroads

I havn't done any comic stuff in awhile. So, I figured I'd have some fun, no pencil, no planning, just went into her. This is the story of Robert Johnson, the blues player from way waaayyyyy back, he wrote the song Crossroads. It's been told he sold his soul to a demon at a crossroads in order to play the guitar so damn good. Look him up, great music.

Yours Truly Poster

Most recent commission work I did for a show coming up on the 19th of October featuring Hamilton Hip hop artists T.Y., Hachey The Mouth PEACE, Bosquiate Clique and Mat Heddle (Slur). For more commission work swing by the page on this site. http://anthonyhaley.blogspot.ca/p/commission-work.html