And there we have it folks, my MK series of illustrations are done. To look back and see the others check under my Posters section along the side.

Now I'll be looking towards the future with a couple of projects on the way. I'm finishing a logo for my father's running club which is a probono thing. But I'm also going to be starting on something called Horse Cop, where I'll be doing character sketches. I'm working with a couple of gentlemen who had created the idea, and are planning on pitching this as a cartoon. Adult Swim comedy meets HBO series is what they are driving for. I'm pretty excited to work on the project and hope that my influence on character creation might help this thing see the light of day.

I'll probably be working on designs in a week or so because I'll be moving to Etobicoke next week.  Back to school in September, starting my Bachelors in Design and I can't wait to get started.

Back, Back, Down, Low Punch

These have been really fun to draw, Mortal Kombat takes me back to when I was really young. I had started playing this game since it first came out, and I had to have been either 4 or 5 at the time when MKI did. I remember the hubbub about how violent and graphic the game was (for its time, GTA was astill an over hang view). MKII had to of been my favourite though, because I could finally play as Reptile, my favourit out of the different ninjas in the game. This was the one fatality that I did all the time to my friends, Back, Back, Down, Low Punch. Reptile would take off his mask and you can see, treat himself to a snack.

It's also getting down to the wire now. I'm only a month away from the FanExpo in Toronto and I'm also getting ready to move to Etobicoke with my cousin as well. Only Baraka is left to colour and I should have that done by tomorrow or Thursday.

Reptile Fatality

Here is the Fatality sketch I've been working on. Now time to start colouring this and Baraka for the Fan Expo. After a long thought process over what I'll be selling at the Fan Expo this year, it will pretty much consist of the Mortal Kombat pin ups I've been working on here.

Baraka Finished Pencils

Finished drawing of Baraka. I decided against the Kano drawing and am going to try and do a Finishing move sketch.

Electronic Funk Portrait almost finished

Here's the portrait I've been working on for the past while, which is going to be the cover of my friends album, he goes by Electronic Funk Orchestra making house, techno, dub step and other electronica styles of dance music. He's a local Hamiltonian too, I'll be posting the finished CD cover once it's done with more information on how you can check out his music and where to pick up the CD.

Baraka Sketch

Baraka sketch I started working on today. I had an idea for a Kano sketch as well, but I need to fix that one up still.