So momma said when I graduate that she'd be willing to pay for either a Tattoo or a custom ring. I'm not much for jewelry so I might go with the tat'. My only problem is I don't know what I would get just yet, and thats not to say I can ONLY get one or the other... OOOHHH decisions, decisions.

Star Wars

Star Wars

HollyWorld page one finished

Fresh off the press. Just finished this page, though I'm sure I'll do a bit more touching up. I need to fix up a couple of spots in my script to fix the words in.


I just finished reading the 100 Bullets series and LOVED Eduardo Risso's black spotting, blew me away. Which made me realize I knew shit all about spotting blacks on the page. I mean I knew the just of it, but never knew how to attack it. Looking at how Eduardo does it made me search for more artist's that do it as well as he can. Which leads me to Mignola's Hellboy. I've always liked the art and the style for it, but never read it. I KNOW, I mean come on. Anyways, so I've had a friend lend me the series and I've been loving it so far. Mignola's a genius when it comes to composition, so during my life drawing lab today I used a pose from the model to turn it into this Hellboy drawing in my sketbook which was done completely in ballpoint pen (which is why theres wrinkles at the bottom).

Hellboy needs to swear more.

HollyWorld page one.

Here's your first look at HollyWorld, page one.

Star Wars fixed

Made some changes to my Star Wars pages, and will make a few more before its completely done. Especially the last panel on page one, the sith apprentice will be push slightly more to the right to take up the negative space.

Castle Crasher Fire

Castle Crasher Fire, the character I was using when playing the game at my buddies place.

Sith Apprentice Pages

We were given an assignment to have a Jedi (of our own design) face off against two battle droids. I chose to make mine of a Sith Apprentice facing off against the 'Droids. I would go with the Dark Side over the force. Than kill my Sith Lord and go rogue probably. Do my own thing, hook up with Jaba and be a hitman for him.

First look at HollyWorld star Aronn Whitman

First character sketches of Aronn Whitman, the leading man in my graphic novel called HollyWorld. I've based the character off of George Clooney if you hadn't noticed.

As for the Rabbit, Ive been listening to Mitch Hedberg a bit lately and found his jokes to good for daily comps. If you dont know who he is, I suggest you look him up on youtube. Very funny comedian, RIP Mitch.