Venetian Demon finished pencils

Here's the finished pencils to my friends tattoo with some changes from my original drawing. I'll be re adding the horns for my own liking.

But now, I'm going back to focusing only on Dead Fix.

The Venetian Demon (Tattoo design)

Here's the rough put together I did on photoshop of the tattoo thats going on my friend's back. The Space I have to work with is 21inch high by 17 inchest wide at the shoulders and 11inch at the waist. So yeah, that's pretty effin' big. I love it! It's inspired me to work on my Last Supper piece I did back in grade 12, that I never completely finished. My very own Da Vinci Demon series.

Tattoo fix up

Buddy of mine has paid me to add some detail to a tattoo of his, which has no sparked several of my friends to get me to draw the designs for their tattoos. I've always been interested in tattooing, and I don't know what it is but whenever I tell someone I'm an artist they always ask me if I either tattoo or can design them one. So, I'm going to put together and portfolio of a bunch of different stuff and see if I can maybe apprentice somewheres.

Last preparation for this year.

Yeah I know Halloween hasn't even past yet, but you got to start early. This was my Christmas Card for friends and family last year. I'm going to be doing another one this year, just not sure who's going to be helping Santa out yet.

Stealth Elementz - STEALTH Mix Tape Cd Cover

Commission work I did for a friend of mine who emcee's, Stealth Elementz. He's from Hamilton, like myself, and is proud of it so he got me to his cover and use some Hamilton imagery; Copps Coliseum and Ivor Wynne Stadium as backgrounds. Make sure to check out some of his tracks at and for anyone in the Hamilton area, I'll be posting later on as to where you can find this Mix Tape once it's released.

Dead Fix roughs

This past summer I had started a lot of little projects that I have yet to finish and they will have to wait. I've started now to focus on just one project, that being my cousin and I's zombie surviving tale "Dead Fix". Here are the first four pages from the intro.

Please, critiques are encouraged, anything to make it better.