MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! yeah thats right I said it.

Merry Christmas Everyone! This my Christmas card to one and all. Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday season.

Ps. to those who received this through email, sorry about the spelling's corrected here.

Self Portrait digital colour

I got my christmas present early this year. A WACOM Intuos Tablet! So, I decided I'd paint my self portrait on photoshop. This is all just one layer, I just wanted to have some fun and get used to the tablet.

Self Portrait Nov. 20/2010

Decided to do an up to date self portrait of myself.

Dead Fix poster 2 inks

Finished the second promo poster for Dead Fix. I inked it, and will be posting the colours once they have been done by sir Adam Metcalfe.

Dead Fix poster 2 pencils

Right off the bat, I can see that I need to fix the right hand of the zombie, seems a bit too big. But yeah, this is the second Dead Fix poster, I was going to make the different covers, but I think they can be better used for posters. Oh yeah, and by the way, this is the other character in Dead Fix no ones seen yet, my cousin Carljo Haley.

Venetian Demon finished pencils

Here's the finished pencils to my friends tattoo with some changes from my original drawing. I'll be re adding the horns for my own liking.

But now, I'm going back to focusing only on Dead Fix.

The Venetian Demon (Tattoo design)

Here's the rough put together I did on photoshop of the tattoo thats going on my friend's back. The Space I have to work with is 21inch high by 17 inchest wide at the shoulders and 11inch at the waist. So yeah, that's pretty effin' big. I love it! It's inspired me to work on my Last Supper piece I did back in grade 12, that I never completely finished. My very own Da Vinci Demon series.

Tattoo fix up

Buddy of mine has paid me to add some detail to a tattoo of his, which has no sparked several of my friends to get me to draw the designs for their tattoos. I've always been interested in tattooing, and I don't know what it is but whenever I tell someone I'm an artist they always ask me if I either tattoo or can design them one. So, I'm going to put together and portfolio of a bunch of different stuff and see if I can maybe apprentice somewheres.

Last preparation for this year.

Yeah I know Halloween hasn't even past yet, but you got to start early. This was my Christmas Card for friends and family last year. I'm going to be doing another one this year, just not sure who's going to be helping Santa out yet.

Stealth Elementz - STEALTH Mix Tape Cd Cover

Commission work I did for a friend of mine who emcee's, Stealth Elementz. He's from Hamilton, like myself, and is proud of it so he got me to his cover and use some Hamilton imagery; Copps Coliseum and Ivor Wynne Stadium as backgrounds. Make sure to check out some of his tracks at and for anyone in the Hamilton area, I'll be posting later on as to where you can find this Mix Tape once it's released.

Dead Fix roughs

This past summer I had started a lot of little projects that I have yet to finish and they will have to wait. I've started now to focus on just one project, that being my cousin and I's zombie surviving tale "Dead Fix". Here are the first four pages from the intro.

Please, critiques are encouraged, anything to make it better.

R.E.A.L Kids Magazine

So, I've been waiting to put these up for about a month now. Just got the magazine in today, and it looks great from what I've been told. I havn't seen it yet. But yeah, so here's the pages I did for R.E.A.L Kids Magazine Canada.


Havn't posted in awhile, but now I gots me some free time. I've been playing Pokemon for Gameboy lately, Ruby version to be exact. And, as I was playing one night I kept getting attacked by wild Zubats...which I'm sure if you've played the game, you understand how annoying that can get. So, I sent out my Tropius and told him to use STOMP. Than I envisioned it in my head how it would actually squish the Zubat into pancake batter.

There you go, Tropius about the STOMP Zubat. Critical hit. It was super effective.

Dead Fix variant cover One

The first of three variant covers I plan on making for Dead Fix...yes I know this was at first titled Zombie Kill Of The Week, but now its a cover. Deal with it, I have. Anyways, I'm really pumped up about this piece, my best inking I've done so far I think.


So I got my ticket for the Saturday of the FanExpo this year. I'm over the whole not being at the table for the whole weekend now, but it still sucks. Hopefully I'll have the courage to show my portfolio around to some people, editors and artists...besides my former teachers.

I'm really excited to see John Romita Jr. and of course, Stan "the Man" Lee.  I want to get Lee's autograph but who knows how long of a wait thats going to be. Oh well, we'll see how it goes!

Rest In Peace Dorothy Margaret Barrett Twilhaar

Dorothy Margaret Barrett Twilhaar was the mother of an uncle of mine who is a very close friend of my family, basically he is my family. Dorothy past away just this past week and she will be missed deeply by everyone who knew her.


I went and saw my favourite band of all time last night for the third time, Primus. This little collage of photos I put together were taken from Wild Lupin's website, great photography I suggest you google the name. But I printed that out and began working on a Primus poster that I shall be posting soon...once I'm finished.

Zombies On A Plane/Dead Fix page 1 rough

So, I said in yesterdays post that I was going to work on Hollyworld today, but instead worked on a couple other things unrelated. But this, this shit right here! I am very stoked about.

You see initially my cousin Carljo and I had several different ideas for Dead Fix. Where it should start was where we disagreed mostly, I kept pressing for Hamilton be the starting point, and Carljo thought it should be in Toronto. Wasn't a big problem to over come but it was just one of many small little problems with finding exactly how we wanted to tell this zombie survival story.

As some friends may know, I started a story a few months back called Zombies on A Plane. 5 Page short story about me being on a plane and escaping a zombie attack, with an open ending to it. I originally got the idea from trying to crack a joke for class for my "Million Dollar Idea" (I suggest you go visit Meaghan Cartars blog site...I'll get a link up later, she actually has a small cartoon blog of this incident).

So, I don't wind up working on ZOAP because of a tight schedule with school, and Dead Fix is put on hold due to not having the proper story for it. When suddenly, I have time one day. And I realize that I'd like to continue with ZOAP because its just such a fun five page story I know I can add to it to be even better. Than like a spiders web my mind puts it together, combine Dead Fix with ZOAP.

So there you have it, a weird explanation on how I combined two ideas into one that should be really good. And to be honest, so far, the ideas my cousin and I have been coming up with are awesome. The reason I even worked on this today and will be working on it for the next while is because a friend of mine Adam (another great artist I will make a link for), showed me a show called Dead Set. Awesome British zombie show.

Hollyworld Cover

A bit more detail on this page. I'm going to work on page four and maybe five of Hollyworld tomorrow. That way I have a cover, and a five page sequence for the portfolio. I'm really enjoying making this cover.

HollyWorld cover design

So I started getting back into my own stories I'm trying to write. HollyWorld being one that I think has some pretty good potential. This cover design features a couple different elements that I..well lets not sugar coat, I stole. I based my lead character off of George Clooney, so I thought I might as well use one of his movie posters, see what design elements they had. The Good German poster was a really nice one I thought, so I used George and Cate Blanchett as the center piece. There's also a cast of shadowy figures known as "The Directors" who run HollyWorld, so to show them I went back to one of my favourite late night cartoons, Clone High. I based my Directors on their cast of shadowy figures that the principal had to answer too. Their name escapes me at the moment. Anyways, I added the car and the guy stabbing the other guy and the original poster didn't have a panel above. So, I don't really feel as though I'm completely ripping anything off here. You be the judge I guess.

REAL Kids Magazine...

So I took on a job that I probably should've gotten all the information on first. Seems like I might be dropping this work due to a very tight schedule that I can't work with due to my part time job and other commission work thats paying more for less work. I'll decided later today.

One poster down, five more to go.

I think my a.a.d.d is starting to get under control. I've just finished this commissioned piece for a musician friend of mine, Karl Mohr. I'll be sure to put up a link to his website down where the others are at the bottom of the page.

Artist A.D.D

Okay, so I have these spouts where I am so unorganized and all over the place and it seems like I have a.d.d, and right now I'm kind of in one of those places. After the ashcan was done I didn't really have any structured projects to get done right away that had deadlines. So I started working on the projects I wanted to do and picked up a couple side jobs as well. Anyways, to make a long story short, this is a poster for a good friend of mine Karl Mohr. He's a musician, based in Toronto, look him up on myspace. This is a gig poster I'm working on for him.

So yeah, I'm doing that Gorillaz poster (my own amusement), Karl Mohrs poster(paidwork), Cd cover (paidwork) and I have started Zombies On A Plane once again, except now its turned into a full on story, with the plane only being the introduction to the story.

Plastic Beach

Today's work brought to you today by the letter G.

Started painting today, so far the only thing I'm really really liking about what I have down is the plastic beach. But I'm seeing more and more come together as I work with it.

Decided to put a copy of the tracing paper over the colour, didn't turn out that great though. Can barely see the colour, oh well. It's there if you look.

Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach

So, like I said last entry, I love the Gorillaz, and this here is my first poster of many to come, because they're just so damn fun to draw! I'm going to be painting this, though I'm not exactly decided on what medium I'll be using.


So I've decided to get back to working on what I had originally planned on doing for FanExpo and that is posters.

The First one is of the movie Defendor with Woody Harrelson. I really enjoyed the movie, half because it was well written and half because it was all based in Hamilton. The city was called the Hammer, it was filmed in Hamilton. Love it.

Second one is what I'm wanting to do eventually when I can be more focused. Zombieland Kills of the Week. Except instead of using any cast members for characters in the posters it would just be whoever I wanted. Or I was thinking of having people sending in request for that week and I go through and choose the best one and if the person wants to be in the picture killing the zombie than thats cool too.

And the third is of the Gorillaz, one of my favourite bands. Ever since they came out when I was in grade 7 or 8, I remember not doing my work in class and drawing 2D because I thought the idea of a cartoon music group was amazing. I mean it's been done with Josey and the Pussy Cats and plenty other cartoons with the lead characters as musicians. But an actual group that performed and everything in real life...but they're cartoons, blew me away. So I've always wanted to draw a poster of these guys.

Once I have these posters finished and painted/coloured they will be on sale for prints. I'll update more when the time comes.

Big...but not so Sexy.

Well, got some disappointing news, mostly for myself. Might not be able to go to FanExpo or have my ashcan printed due to money. It happens, and I'm not pissed about the outcome, just disappointed.

I was told to put the other project on hold as well, until money starts coming in.

If I'm not at the Big Sexy Table at FanExpo, I'll be there handing my portfolio out to everyone. And I might even try to set up my own little station just outside of the Convention Center and see if I can get prints of some things done before than to sell. Either that, or I'll hide them throughout the Convention and it'll be like an easter egg hunt.

Ashcan Complete (without lettering)

Here you are people, my first paid piece of work in comics. Written by Fred Kennedy aka Fearless Fred. This took me about two months to bang out, and I still need to get the cover done too.
Hope you all like it, if not, well let me know what turns you off about these big sexy pages. Speaking of big sexy, be sure to head on over to to check out the pages LETTERED by Fred, as well as his works; Mike Gorbsmith: The Only Attractive Russian Ever illustrated by Tony Skelpic, Helos illustrated by Andre Fernandes and Teuton illustrated by Adam Gorham. If you're far too lazy to type out, OR too lazy to copy and past, than just click on that big bald head near the top of the page that has Big Sexy Comics along the top of it and click that. 



So it's official, Fearless Fred and his Big Sexy team of illustrators are going to be tearing up the FanExpo this coming August 27th to the 30th. Be there to pick up printed copies of all of Freds titled, ESPECIALLY  the one I illustrated! Also I'll have a couple of posters there promoting the next story Fred and I will be working on, no hints yet, but be sure to see sketches of the posters as I begin them this week.

LCD Soundsystem and Primus

I havn't posted anything in a couple weeks, so I figured I'd tell you all that I bought the latest LCD Soundsystem cd yesterday and it's fantastic. IF you havn't heard of James Murphy's brain child than I suggest you get out there and look for anything by LCD Soundsystem, (maybe start with the song "Daft Punk is Playing At My House" very fun).


Ashcan First Four Pages

Here are the first four pages of the ashcan I'm working on with Fearless Fred.

Time to bang out the last 5 pages.

Page NINE!...inked.

Page nine inked. Did this while I was at "work" today. I work at a gas station, I fucking hate it there. Oh? Did my use of the work fuck upset you? Well it's my blog and I'll fucking say what I fucking damn well please. By the way...this wasn't a happy night.