Fan Expo Exclusive Piece

So here's the exclusive piece I did at the Fan Expo, whoever bought the piece there has something no one else will be able to buy (that's why its exclusive). Robert Englund was there for the weekend and no, unfortunately I had little time to dedicate to going to see him, and the week approaching the Convention I had wanted to do one more piece and why not do the character that scared the living piss out of me as a child. Freddy Krueger used to terrify me when I was younger, and it wasn't until I was old enough to realize that scary movies are actually hilarious (thank you desensitization). So, sure you can sit there and save the image as and print off your own copy, but you didn't get it from me and I'll know that, I made a mental list of all the faces that bought Freddy that weekend! Oh, P.S thank you everyone that bought the Freddy piece over the weekend. And to all of those who came by, grabbed a card and seemed to have dug my illustrations, it was very much appreciated and I can't wait to do it again next year.

Convention Commissions

Here are some of the sketch commissions I did over the last two days. From top to bottom. After I had did the awesome Oraguntan sketch, things went the way I was expecting them. My buddy that I used to work with Dan came by with his brother Darren and asked me to do a Cylon sketch for him. That was on Saturday. The next sketch is of Pyramid Head, one of the first things I had done Sunday morning when I got there. I got to have fun explaining what I was drawing to a Police Officer, it was pretty funny. The Spider Man drawing was just something I was doing to pass the time on Saturday, and before the day was done on Sunday I had given it away to a little girl wearing a Spider Man shirt. She didn't say anything, but she had a big smile on her face so I guess she liked it. Finally I had gotten a Mortal Kombat commission on Sunday of Noob Sibot fighting Ermac, I had another one asked to do but because of the Con Cold I was focusing on trying to fight the whole day, I had forgotten to take a picture of. The other was of Noob Sibot again, but this time punching Shao Khan in the face, wish I had remembered to take a picture of that. Anyways, the last one here was another one I was doing to pass the time on Saturday, I thought about what might happen when to Time Travelers meet, I pictured it like when cartoons finds themselves in "nowhere" and its all white. So I did the obvious Time LORD, the Doctor, and had him meeting with a pair of duuuudes I grew up loving, Bill and Ted, and I couldn't have them in there without George RIP. While I was drawing this I had someone come by and say they liked it and would come by later to pick it up when its finished, well he never did, so on Sunday I ended up giving it away to a guy who looked just like the Doctor. He thanked me a lot.

First Fan Expo Commission

Kevin had come up to me and ask, "Hey, so you do commission sketches?". Of course I said yeah, and was eager to do my first commission. He then leaned in and said "Can you do an Orangoutang in a doctor/dentist jacket? Maybe have him at a bar having a rye." I uneasily said yes, and found myself stuck with a commission I had no idea how to draw. In fact, my first words to Jeff was "How the fuck do you draw an Orangoutang?!" But thanks to Dean and Meaghan they found me some reference. Needless to say, its a first Con Commission I will never forget.

Stealth Elementz - STEALTH Mix Tape Cd Cover touch up

This is something I had done last summer, but I had touched up recently on photoshop to really bring out the colours. This is the mix tape for a local Hamilton Hip Hop artist by the name of Stealth Elementz. To hear a song from this mix tape click on the link here and it will take you to one of the music videos off this mix tape entitled "They Say Sean Is". Get out there and support your local music.

FAN EXPO!!!!!!

It is now upon us, less than a week away is Toronto's Fan Expo. Which features Comic, Gaming, Horror, Sci-Fi and Anime conventions all rolled into one! I'm very excited to be apart of it this year and to be selling my artwork alongside three school chums, Adam, Dean and Jeff. Our table is A66 on the floor plan, be sure to get one so you can find us, though we seem to have a great spot. We are just behind the Warner Bros. and Marvel booths! Definitely getting some traffic around there. And I'm specifically happy about WB being close because of my Mortal Kombat pieces. And if I can, I'll be bringing one extra special secret piece to sell alongside the MK ones. Who will it be? Just like the secret characters of MK you'll have to wait and see.