School work...YAY!!!

So it's been a month without posting any work, so I figured I'd start getting on it. Here are two of my first assignments in 2 different classes. The first is a letterhead from Communications Design course, pretty fun so far, next assignment is designing a billboard using photography and type. The second is from the Mechanical Zoo assignment from Illustrative Concepts, we had to use a process of mind mapping, which involves doodling like crazy with the ideas and images that come to mind on a specific subject to generate ideas. Pretty fun too. This here is my Mosq-needle. I had a couple other ideas as well but I'll leave those till later. Other than that, been working on my character designs for the cartoon commission and will be able to show some stuff off in the new year. PS I'll be posting these under my Sketchbook page for future references to anyone.


So since Fan Expo, I havn't posted much of anything, mostly because of school starting and working on the character design and single issue 16 page comic I'm working on. I can't go into too much detail on the comic and character designs just yet, but eventually. School is going good, its getting my mind back into really thinking like an illustrator and artist. Well, back to work.