I just finished reading the 100 Bullets series and LOVED Eduardo Risso's black spotting, blew me away. Which made me realize I knew shit all about spotting blacks on the page. I mean I knew the just of it, but never knew how to attack it. Looking at how Eduardo does it made me search for more artist's that do it as well as he can. Which leads me to Mignola's Hellboy. I've always liked the art and the style for it, but never read it. I KNOW, I mean come on. Anyways, so I've had a friend lend me the series and I've been loving it so far. Mignola's a genius when it comes to composition, so during my life drawing lab today I used a pose from the model to turn it into this Hellboy drawing in my sketbook which was done completely in ballpoint pen (which is why theres wrinkles at the bottom).

Hellboy needs to swear more.