Wraith story!!!

Shheeeeit jeaaa boi! So after work last night, I got home at around 11:25pm and did my usual; check emails, go on facebook, do a bit of chatting. As I'm checking my emails I come across one from Gerard De La Costa (look at my followers or friends list and check him out!) telling me that he sent me the four Wraith pages I wrote for him for our anthology for school. Well Jesus Murphy are they not some of the most kick ass pages I've ever seen! My shotty writting is totaly saved by G's amazing artwork and story telling. I would show you them all here, but I think I'll let Gerard get them up first. So like I said, check his stuff out, it's fantastic and be sure to watch for the Wraith story. 

Also be sure to see more in the future as I plan to write some more (hopefully one tonight at work), and get Gerard to illustrate it. 

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