Expo Season

I've started to get emails from FanExpo Canada a lot lately, which means Expo Season has begun. A couple buddies and I are hoping to get a table of 4 for the Fan Expo at the end of the summer. I'm hoping it goes through, and I dont end up losing a spot again. Though I'm really glad I didn't wasn't at a table last year, I wasn't ready at all. Over the course of this year, I've become really confident in my abilities as an illustrator. I feel as though the pace at which I work has at least doubled, I'm a lot more faster than last year. Though I do need to work on more comic page pieces. A lot of the work I've been doing is pin ups, portraits or poster pieces. I havn't been drawing for Dead Fix yet because my cousin and I need to finish writing it. Lately I've been thinking about short stories to work on, little 5 page pieces. If I didn't have to work I'd have a hell of a lot more time on my hands to draw. ...Anyways, I think I'm done with my little bloggin' session here. Time to get ready for a night shift at work...

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