Cadillac Storyboards

This is a storyboard I did for class. It's for Cadillac Escalade. This is the layout, we see two cars racing around a mountain in some kind of competition, then we fade out to see it's actually two children playing with cars in a sandbox bragging about their cars. Back in to the imagination, we start to see a rumble in the distance as a silhouetted SUV comes up from behind. Back in reality, the children dont know what to make of the noise so they continue to play, until they realize what's coming for them. It's played out in the imagination that the SUV coming from behind has caused them to bail and jump off a cliff. Then back in reality we see the kids have had to dodge out of the way for a Cadillac Escalade who's parked right on their sandbox. Zooming into the tire which has crushed both their toy cars, with a slogan "Cadillac...We Crush the Competition".

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