Artist A.D.D

Okay, so I have these spouts where I am so unorganized and all over the place and it seems like I have a.d.d, and right now I'm kind of in one of those places. After the ashcan was done I didn't really have any structured projects to get done right away that had deadlines. So I started working on the projects I wanted to do and picked up a couple side jobs as well. Anyways, to make a long story short, this is a poster for a good friend of mine Karl Mohr. He's a musician, based in Toronto, look him up on myspace. This is a gig poster I'm working on for him.

So yeah, I'm doing that Gorillaz poster (my own amusement), Karl Mohrs poster(paidwork), Cd cover (paidwork) and I have started Zombies On A Plane once again, except now its turned into a full on story, with the plane only being the introduction to the story.


  1. Anthony, those buildings are wicked awesome! My inner disdain for backgrounds and buildings has such a hate-on for you right now...

  2. I'll second that, wicked buildings and concept.