Dead Fix poster 2 pencils

Right off the bat, I can see that I need to fix the right hand of the zombie, seems a bit too big. But yeah, this is the second Dead Fix poster, I was going to make the different covers, but I think they can be better used for posters. Oh yeah, and by the way, this is the other character in Dead Fix no ones seen yet, my cousin Carljo Haley.


  1. Or I need to fix that right shoulder hardcore.

  2. I would like to-uh- know what exactly your cousin's been eating for breakfast. Cuz dayum.

    I would love to see, especially with the way you ink, how this looks on a poster.

  3. haha! Oh Carter, the drawings are a BIT more flattering than real life.

    Adams going to be colouring them in marker too :D:D