Back, Back, Down, Low Punch

These have been really fun to draw, Mortal Kombat takes me back to when I was really young. I had started playing this game since it first came out, and I had to have been either 4 or 5 at the time when MKI did. I remember the hubbub about how violent and graphic the game was (for its time, GTA was astill an over hang view). MKII had to of been my favourite though, because I could finally play as Reptile, my favourit out of the different ninjas in the game. This was the one fatality that I did all the time to my friends, Back, Back, Down, Low Punch. Reptile would take off his mask and you can see, treat himself to a snack.

It's also getting down to the wire now. I'm only a month away from the FanExpo in Toronto and I'm also getting ready to move to Etobicoke with my cousin as well. Only Baraka is left to colour and I should have that done by tomorrow or Thursday.

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